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Talking Civil Rights and more with Royce Russell, Esq.

Today we welcome Royce Russell, Esq., a civil rights and criminal defense lawyer. As long as you work hard, you’ll find good results. Learn from Royce through his experiences and hear about his journey.

Royce Russell, Esq.: Royce specializes in Criminal Defense, False Arrest/Police Brutality (1983 Civil Rights Violations), Immigration, Contracts, Employment Law and Trademark Litigation. He has represented individuals on a variety of matters in Federal and State Court from Criminal Investigations, to Trials. He has also represented victims of Police Brutality/False Arrest (1983 Civil Rights Violations). Royce’s expertise in Immigration law has allowed him to serve as a consultant for his colleagues on criminal matters with immigration consequences. From Naturalization, Adjustment of Status to Removal/Deportation proceedings he has litigated immigration cases in Federal and various State courts. Minimizing his clients’ exposure to risk in criminal and immigration matters is of most concern — author of Cardiac Arrest: A Tactical Guide on How To Handle Unlawful Police Stops. To contact Royce, please either call (718) 292-1244, email [email protected] or visit

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