The Mentor, Esq. Season 2

Hosted ByAndrew J. Smiley, Esq.

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Cutting Edge Advertising for Lawyers with Marketing Expert Brian Cristiano

Andrew sits down with Brian Cristiano, the Founder & CEO of Bold Worldwide to discuss why traditional law firm marketing is dead and what to do instead.

55 Years In The Law with Guy I. Smiley, Esq.

Let’s introduce Guy I. Smiley, Esq. – Andrew’s father, mentor, and partner. We will discuss not only his success in the field of law but his journey to becoming the legend he is today.

The Journey to Becoming a Great Lawyer

Welcome to the debut episode of The Mentor Esq! Meet your host of this podcast, Andrew J. Smiley Esq., a practicing personal injury lawyer working at the family-owned law firm, Smiley & Smiley, LLP.