The Mentor, Esq. Season 2

Hosted ByAndrew J. Smiley, Esq.

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Crisis Management- The Corona Virus Pandemic

In this special edition episode, Andrew covers crisis management and what steps he has taken as the Managing Partner of his Law Firm during this Worldwide Crisis.

Season 1 Final Thoughts

In this episode, Andrew reflects on the past 10 episodes and says farewell to Season 1.

Crazy Cats & Hot Nannies: Divorce Law w/ Aimee Richter, Esq.

Andrew welcomes back his friend and colleague Amee Richter, Esq. for a game of 20 questions and as Aimee reveals some interesting things she has seen as a divorce lawyer, from crazy cats to hot nannies.

Killer Cross Examinations: How to Prepare and Execute

In this episode, Andrew shares his expert cross-examination skills and how you can master the cross-examination part of your trial case.

Let’s Talk LGBTQ, Surrogacy, Family Protection with Anthony M. Brown, Esq

We bring back Anthony M. Brown, Esq., the LBGTQ rights attorney, to the show to discuss the challenges in LBGTQ family law and surrogacy within this community. 

Powerful Opening Statements: How To Prepare and Deliver

Andrew shares some of the most important points to public speaking and how to prepare and deliver powerful opening statements at trial.

Triumphs & Struggles of Women in Law with Aimee Richter

Andrew welcomes Aimee Richter, Esq. as she talks about the triumphs and struggles that come with being a woman in the law industry.

Talking Civil Rights and more with Royce Russell, Esq.

Today we welcome Royce Russell, Esq., who specializes in Criminal Defense, False Arrest/Police Brutality (1983 Civil Rights Violations), Immigration, Contracts, Employment Law and Trademark Litigation.

From Broadway To Law School, A Journey Of Success with Anthony M. Brown, Esq. – LGBTQ Activist

Anthony M. Brown, Esq., an LBGTQ rights attorney, makes an appearance on the Mentor Esq! Let’s discuss his journey of making a change in the world.