The Round Table: Talking Construction Accident Cases

The Round Table is back! We’re proud to offer a place for lawyers and others in the legal field to share ideas, answer common questions, and connect over shared experiences.

On our July 22 episode, Andrew and guests Rosa Feeney, Esq. and Michael Mezzacappa, Esq. discussed the ins and outs of construction accident cases and answered questions on the topic posed by others in the field. There was plenty to talk about; many thanks to our guests for your insight and for sharing your perspectives.

You can reach Andrew by email at [email protected].

To reach either of our guests today, you can contact them at the information below.

Rosa M. Feeney, Esq.
The Feeney Law Offices, PLL
C Phone: 631-366-3300
Email: [email protected]

Michael P. Mezzacappa   
Phone: 914-449-1028  
Email: [email protected]