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In-Depth Ebook Series for Lawyers.

Get the step-by-step program on how to successfully litigate personal injury cases and more.

Andrew’s daughter raised funds for her bat mitzvah to successfully bring water to the Jamulongoji Primary School. This was their response.

Each book in this series is part of an in-depth CLE training program created by Andrew J. Smiley, Esq. and is now yours to learn from. This program been carefully broken down into the most valuable and impactful elements in order to guide you through every step of the litigation process.

Each book in the series is valued at over $150, and is yours for a limited time for FREE – in lieu of charging you for these books, we ask that you make a suggested donation to the Water Project. We’re here to help you build a better practice, and your donation can help improve lives for remote communities across the globe.

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Volume One

Getting the Case, Investigation, and Preparing to File

In this first volume of “Successfully Litigating a Personal Injury Case”, meet Andrew and hear his time-tested secrets and skills for preparing for a personal injury case. Learn how to have conversations with clients that will put everyone at ease, what you should and shouldn’t do while preparing to investigate, and what you need to know to file your case properly.

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Volume Two

Your Adversary, the Preliminary Conference, and Initial Discovery

Read Andrew’s insights as he continues to delve into the process of litigating a personal injury case, including working through alternative resolution tactics, the specifics on choosing the proper venue, and best practices on how to begin the lawsuit process.

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Volume Three

Early Settlement, Jurisdiction, Venue, and Commencing the Lawsuit

The series continues as Andrew discusses the importance of building relationships with adversaries, the preliminary conference, and beginning the discovery process.

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Volume Four

The Deposition

In this volume, Andrew discusses the process and importance of properly preparing and conducting depositions.

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